Quartz Flower Vase / NO.001


Artistic flower vase that evokes an image of water and flowers blooming over

Each work has characteristics of a spontaneously generated form and a wavy texture, just like the water surface.

This item is designed specifically for Prism Flowers with quartz, the most transparent and exceptional glass. When you arrange Prism Flower #1, it gives an image of blooming flowers floating in the water stream.


Quartz glass(transparently polished finish / frosted finish

W 7.1 x D 5.7 x H 4.3 cm


*The listed size is the maximum of each dimension.
*Each item is a one-of-a-kind art piece with different sizes and shapes.
*[NO.001] is the work number.
*There is a hole for arranging flowers.
*Prism Flower #1 can be arranged by one.
* Prism Flower #1 is sold separately.


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[About Quartz Glass]

It is a unique and extremely rare glass manufactured in Japan out of quartz. The attraction of this material is its high-purity transparency like spring water and its delicate and refined brilliance. This is because it is more transparent than general high-transparency and optical glass, and it does not contain any lead, unlike crystal glass.

Also, intrusive color and turbidity are undetectable, and any transmitted images cannot be refracted to be seen, even in a thick piece. Although this glass is quite hard to obtain, we create a unique texture by carefully gaining, selecting, and grinding raw materials of quartz glass one at a time in EMISSION, collaborating with a quartz glass factory.


*Although it is a very hard material, it may crack due to a strong impact, such as a drop, so please handle it with care to appreciate the craftsmanship.




*This product will be delivered in a special box.

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