About our studio

The EMISSION studio is located in Ginza, Tokyo.

Our aesthetics are inspired by the feel of changes in time and the unique sensations of the city. Ginza is known for high-end brands, haute fashion, but also for keeping traditional arts and culture alive and thriving.

In our studio, master craftsman and artisans handmake unique works individually from precious materials, such as rare quartz glass and metal, as well as prism optical resin.

At Emission, our goal is to highlight the magnificence of light, color, and to create never-before-seen forms. We are committed to crafting works of art that will be an integral aspect of the owner's daily life, rather than something to be quickly consumed.

We wish to deliver works with every possible idea and stance, such as creating art pieces using new materials and custom-made according to the preferences under the vision "Deliver Beautiful Light Art Around the World."

Light Crystallized