How to take care of prism products

You can wash off the dirt, chemicals, or oils such as cosmetics on the prism product to keep it clean.
This page shows you how to clean the products at home.

Things You Need

- Neutral Dish Soap
- A 500 ml Container
- Lukewarm Water, below 40 ℃ (104℉)
- Dry Soft Cloth (Non-abrasive Cloth)

How to Clean Products

1. Dissolve some neutral dish soap in lukewarm water below 40 °C  (104℉) to make a cleanser. Please check the proper amount indicated on the label of the neutral soap.

2. Soak the prism product for about 1 minute in a well-stirred cleanser and wait for the dirt to dissolve.

3. After about one minute, remove the product and rinse it well with running water to wash off the soap.
*Avoid soaking the product in the cleanser for too long, as it may cause damage.

4. Wipe off the moisture gently with a cloth and dry well before use.


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