Prism Flower #1 / Rose


Art object that crystallized the beauty of flowers

The beauty of flowers is represented and crystallized to create Prism Flower Collection. The fadeless color of the prism and the solid transparency gives a dignified brilliance to every space.

Roses are elegant, with a glossy curved surface. The vitality and strength of flowers are represented by bold cutting and delicate drapes. We are focusing the technology to a higher level than any of Prism Flowers. Roses' exceptional presence makes people and space more luxurious when bundled into a bouquet.

Please appreciate the primitive brilliance of flowers and the sensation of marvelous light given by their appearance.

You will appreciate Prism Flower #1 more stylishly by arranging it in a Flower Vase. You can arrange it as you like with your flower vase because it also goes well with dried flowers.


Flower top: Prism Optical Resin
Calyx/Stem: Metal (stainless steel or brass)

Size of flower top
Small: W4.0 x D4.0 x H3.0 cm (total length 28.0 cm)
Medium: W5.0 x D5.0 x H3.5 cm (total length 28.5 cm)
Large: W6.5 x D6.5 x H3.5 cm (total length 28.5 cm)

silver (stainless steel)
gold (brass)

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[About Prism Optical Resin ]

It is a special polycarbonate resin that produces the color and brilliance of a light and transparent prism. Its exceptionally filmy and light material is suitable for manufacturing voluminous chandeliers, lighting, delicate modeling, and comfortable jewelry that is challenging with glass or acrylic.

Although this material is rarely used in designed products because of its difficulty in processing and expensive quality, we carefully use it in works with our know-how and patented technology.

A unique groove in the prism structure generates prism-colored light by refracting the sunlight transmitted through it. Also, the weather resistance of polycarbonate is so high that it does not discolor the material.


*Because each artisan creates a unique natural shape, the shape and size may vary slightly.

*Because it is a delicate material, it may be deformed or scratched by high pressure and friction. Also, there are sharp points. Please handle it with care to avoid getting them in your eyes.


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*This product will be delivered in a special box.
We also offer a gift-wrapping service with a ribbon.



Prism Flower #1 / Kiku


Prism Flower #1 / Kiku