Prism Drop / Ear Cuff


Iconic jewelry that glitters like crystalized droplets

We designed these elegant ear cuffs by modeling one moment of a water drop shining purely.

Simple yet beautiful, these iconic jewelry art pieces that embody the concepts of EMISSION can be worn casually in your daily life. They sway and shine in a prism of color, and as you wear them they catch both the sunlight and ambient light.

Weighing under a gram, you’ll feel comfortable wearing these airy, light, and transparent pieces all day or night with no stress to your ears.

They are modern pieces of jewelry, gorgeously designed yet transparent. You can wear them daily as well as on special occasions.

* They are made-to-order products. They will be delivered within 1weeks after order placement.


Body: Prism Optical Resin + Transparent Zirconia
Metal Fittings & Chains: Metal (SILVER925)

W1.4 × D0.6 × H4.3 cm (Total length including chain: 6.0cm)

one side: 1.0g (chain+piercing post included)

Metal: Silver


[About Prism Optical Resin ]

It is a special polycarbonate resin that produces the color and brilliance of a light and transparent prism. Its exceptionally filmy and light material is suitable for manufacturing voluminous chandeliers, lighting, delicate modeling, and comfortable jewelry that is challenging with glass or acrylic.

Although this material is rarely used in designed products because of its difficulty in processing and expensive quality, we carefully use it in works with our know-how and patented technology.

A unique groove in the prism structure generates prism-colored light by refracting the sunlight transmitted through it. Also, the weather resistance of polycarbonate is so high that it does not discolor the material.


*Because each artisan creates a unique natural shape, the shape and size may vary slightly.

*Because it is a delicate material, it may be deformed or scratched by high pressure and friction. Also, there are sharp points. Please handle it with care to avoid getting them in your eyes.


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*This product is usually delivered gift-wrapped with a ribbon.

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